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Product Packaging Design, Visual Ads & Communication Design


Renew and create the new graphic image for the Packaging of each of its products, maintaining the spirit and identity of the brand, creating a fresh air.

Strategy & Solution

The Strategy was to create fully illustrated images with a modern and minimalist style, using in turn a color identity for each of the products that would represent what is being sold, creating more striking styles adapted to a more current visual image and commercial.

Products Packaging Design

Using the packaging formats that the Fiesta brand already had as support, I developed some designs creating a perfect and renewed background for each line of your products, achieving more current and commercial graphic styles.

Advertising &


In this case, a visual image was designed that had Fresquito as its protagonist, this being one of its star products together with the famous Kojak.

As an idea it occurred to me to represent in an illustrated graphic world, the traditional environment in which in this case the same characters from the Fiesta world representing children, enter their favorite neighborhood store to buy candy.

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