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Creative Editorial, Visual Communication & Art Direction


Develop the visual style for the Polo and Racing streetwear catalogs for the Varlion brand.

Strategy & Solution

As a Strategy to develop both catalogs and as an image for both, the image of a young Racing Driver was used, whom Varlion was supporting in his professional career as the main sponsor. Which was ideal to give the image and adequate promotion to the brand’s Textile Racing line and as this Rider was of Argentine nationality, this being the country where the sport of Polo is most rooted, it was also decided to use him for the Polo line, in a session in Buenos Aires as the main setting for the entire production.

Visual Communication & Art Direction

As a visual image for the winter season of Polo and Racing streetwear, the brand used a young promise from Formula 1 whom it was sponsoring and supporting in his racing career.

As Director of Photographic Art, create the style, Story board and guidelines for the same production that would facilitate at the same time the post-production work, such as visual that would be used for brand communication and product collection.

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