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Reorienting the Padel Star.

As a Rebranding job, the challenge was to modernize the Starvie branding, which had some inappropriate lines to give a quality and technological image that could position it at the same level as the rest of the number 1 brands in its sector.

Strategy & Solution

The strategy was clear and it was to give a current, modern and technological appearance.

For this the first thing was to change the rounded lines of the current Logo to more straight lines and expanding the length of the same.

Regarding the Iso and being this the one that represents the brand image, it was tried to maintain the vast majority, modifying only the tips of the star making them shorter and giving it a cut with a slight inclination that would give them a greater body, which It was also achieved by squashing the star in height, giving a more solid, robust and technological appearance, more in line with the new Logo. Thus, creating a greater character and high-quality image, better positioning the brand in the market.

Rebranding & Visual Identity

As part of the Rebranding and modernization of the brand, it was decided to restructure the position of the Iso with respect to the Logo, creating an Imago, being much more versatile when using both elements separately when applying them in different brand image and marketing situations.





The Star as a symbol of the Brand.

CLAIM: Running to the light

The sports star, the success Star

Logo & Typo

Development of the logo based on the CONCELIAN typeface family.


Graphic Identity

The new brand identity was perfectly adapted to the customer’s corporate and collectible products. Achieving the challenge of giving a quality brand presence and image, positioning it in a short time alongside the number one in its sector and making it recognizable to the masses.

Marketing & Communication

Along with the brand work, all the Product development, accessories, accessories, packaging, and marketing image were also carried out, both for digital media and for product display at events or points of sale.

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