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The Briefing was clear, it was necessary to create the flagship product of the Padel range of shoes for the Varlion brand, this being the one that set the trend and a new style in its sector.

Strategy & Solution

To achieve the challenge proposed by the Varlion brand, the first thing was to understand the spirit and style that they were carrying or wanted to carry in the rest of their products. This being the Racing world and especially F1, with this same objective I began to work on the product creating very sporty lines both in the sole and in the different parts of the last, basing this fundamentally on a hexagonal shell of a rubber compound. which would give added strength and resistance to wear, in addition to its own V-Hexagon name of the product.

Product Brand Identity

As part of the Rebranding and modernization of the brand, it was decided to restructure the position of the Iso with respect to the Logo, creating an Imago, being much more versatile when using both elements separately when applying them in different brand image and marketing situations.

Industrial Product Design

The fundamental features of this shoe intended for the practice of Padel, apart from its Hexagonal frame that gives its name to the product as the main technology, are its lines with a slight forward inclination that give a clearly greater effect of speed, which accompany the Isotype of identity, which was used to create a stabilizer technology for the foot, being a connecting element between the sole and the last of the shoe, creating tension and reinforcing the structure of the same against the frequent lateral movements of the Padel practice.


Graphic Image Design

The final result of the product was a complete case of success, achieving that it set new standards in the practice of Padel and in the acceptance as a star product within the practitioners of the sport of Padel.



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