branding and Corporative Identity

What is Branding

It could be said that Branding is everything that represents and gives value to a commercial or personal Brand. In other words, Branding is the idea with which an audience sees or associates you when they think of your brand, based on the brand identity and the marketing projection that they wanted to give.

For example:

When we see the Coca Cola brand, we not only think about the product, but about the image and idea that the brand represents and has generated during its commercial history, projecting a lifestyle aimed at a specific audience with a product that is exciting and it will make you feel better.

Branding is the basis of your brand or business, before starting with a business idea you have to be clear about what the Branding of your Brand is going to be, that is, what image you want to give to the audience you want to address and with What ideals do you want to identify?

For this you will have to work on different elements such as the Corporate Image, a brand strategy where you create value that begins to attract your audience around a product, Marketing actions that generate Leads and finally the loyalty of our audience after the satisfaction and having tested the product.

To achieve this you have to be very clear and know the profile of the audience or public you are trying to capture the attention of. Therefore, you will have to do a study to get to know your audience better and thus make them feel more identified with your brand.

What is the Corporate Image and Identity

Therefore, the corporate image will be all those graphic elements that every brand needs to identify itself to groups or audiences. Starting with a name and symbol, known as a Logo, Imagotype or Isotype (we will explain the difference between the two later).

In addition, an identity of colors, fonts and styles. That is normally represented in a corporate manual in which you can see the different examples of how to use your brand image properly in each of your products or material where it is necessary to apply our corporate image.

For example:

Identidad Corporativa

As we can see, once we understand the difference between Branding and Corporate Identity, we can get a great idea of how important it is to have a good graphic development, if you want your brand or company to really project the feeling of quality that you want.

In our agency we have a group of designers who are in charge of carefully working on the corporate image of our clients, from the conception of the idea to the graphic identity.

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