What is Branding

It could be said that Branding is everything that represents and gives value to a commercial or personal Brand. In other words, Branding is the idea with which an audience sees or associates you when they think of your brand, based on the brand identity and the marketing projection that they wanted to give.

For example:

When we see the Coca Cola brand, we not only think about the product, but about the image and idea that the brand represents and has generated during its commercial history, projecting a lifestyle aimed at a specific audience with a product that is exciting and it will make you feel better.

What is the importance of Branding

The importance of Branding goes beyond having a good and reliable brand image, it is about the message that your brand and products try to project to create connections with a public or audience that identifies with a common ideal.

The Objective beyond positioning, has to be the way to make a real difference in the face of enormous competition, and for this it will be important that you know the things that for your audience at all times are important and value in their lives. If you can adapt and project this in all your Branding, you will create true connections and loyal audiences willing to spend even high costs on your products just for that bond and common vision.

For example, at this time, more and more due to climate change problems, sustainability is sought in everything. For this reason, especially the new generations highly value everything that respects the environment and products that are manufactured in a more ecological and respectful way with the environment.

In short, it is important that the brand works on an ideal that creates an ecosystem of value, seeking a purpose, and in turn, people or audiences who feel both identified and committed to it.

What is the branding strategy

The Branding strategy is to create a plan for our brand image that can be used in the long term, knowing how to differentiate ourselves from the rest and create our own identity with which to identify.

It is important to identify or position yourself as a brand. Sometimes, make a comparison of your virtue or how you have improved in some aspect compared to the competition, especially when this change affects or influences the culture, values, ideals or lives of your consumers.

For example, when similar products are marketed, but yours are respectful of the environment, or their development does not require testing with animals,…. These types of actions can be used to create different marketing strategies that cause an awareness effect on the consumer and make them prefer to consume your brand or product.

How is Branding done?

Branding is the basis of your brand or business, before starting with a business idea you have to be clear about what the Branding of your Brand is going to be, that is, what image you want to give to the audience you want to address and with What ideals do you want to identify?

For this you will have to work on different elements such as the Corporate Image, a brand strategy where you create value that begins to attract your audience around a product, Marketing actions that generate Leads and finally the loyalty of our audience after the satisfaction and having tested the product.

To achieve this you have to be very clear and know the profile of the audience or public you are trying to capture the attention of. Therefore, you will have to do a study to get to know your audience better and thus make them feel more identified with your brand.

What are the main components of Branding?


It is the element or word that, as it says, gives the name to the brand, being together with the Isotype one of the most important graphic elements at the time of the creation of the Branding and that once said creative graphic work has been done, it will be called Logo.

In short, Naming will help your brand to be recognized both visually and audibly.

Hence, the big importance of its development and creation. It is not just about looking for a name that sounds good and has good graphic work. Do a good study and previous work, will depend if we will get represent correctly the ideals of the company and its meaning to the public or audience.

Corporate identity

On many occasions it is confused with Branding itself, but the truth is that Corporate Identity is only one of the most important parts of Branding, which, as we are seeing in this article, encompasses many other aspects.

The Corporate identity will be in charge of working, collecting and creating both visual and auditory guidelines that will be represented as rules in what is formally called the brand’s Corporate Manual.

Within this manual, you can find, among other things, everything related to Logos, Colours, Fonts,… in addition to the uses of the different graphic media depending on the support on which they are going to be used.


Although Positioning is more of a Marketing job, in order to do a good job in this aspect, it has had to work previously on the ideals and different strategies that were used to achieve the expected results when Branding was thought of. brand.

A good job in brand positioning will make us create a community of followers and lovers of our brand. In order to convert them into Leads or potential consumers, so that they in turn spread our brand to more people in order to achieve continuous organic growth.

Currently we can find different digital marketing strategies that will serve to improve and grow our brand positioning. These are the main ones:

1. SEO
2. SEM

Brand Loyalty

Also known as Brand Loyalty. Clearly it is about converting your customers into recurring consumers and loyal followers of your brand or products that are in your brand ecosystem.

To achieve this Brand Loyalty, the first thing is to offer your consumers or customers a great experience starting with the purchase itself, following the expectations and qualities of the product and ending with the after-sales service that, together with different actions and services, we can make the customer feel become recurring or better yet, advise us to your social circle.

Currently in marketing, a strategy called sales funnel is used to be successful in this aspect and not get lost along the way. We can help you create a correct vein funnel strategy and give you the steps you must follow. Contact us!!

Brand Architecture

In this case, it is the organization chart of the brand or company, especially if its scalability has been considered.

In this way, we can have other brands, companies or products linked to the same business structure.

There are different types of architecture with the aim of organizing a brand, these are classified as:

Monolithic: The organization chart of the company is organized around a single brand.

Independent brands: Each brand in a company manages to maintain its independence and coexist with others.

Endorsement: Within this architecture, it is the main brand that shows explicit support from the rest of the brands.

Mixed architecture: At this point, a different architecture is determined for each brand or product of a company.

In our agency we have a group of designers who are in charge of carefully working on the corporate image of our clients, from the conception of the idea to the graphic identity.

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